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all hail the king

Aug 28 1917 was the birthday to comic book artist Jack “King” Kirby. Without Jack Kirby there would be no Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, or Thor, etc, etc, etc. The “King”, with his writing partners including Stan Lee, created

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beneath your station

Beautiful typography on this tile displayed on the uptown platform of the No. 1 train at the 59th Street-Columbus Circle subway station. The tile was uncovered from behind a wall during the recent renovation. It was part of a 1901 exhibition

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ultimate selfies

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” No worries: • The Narrative Clip is a new tiny, wearable camera and app that automatically snaps a photo every 30 seconds, while • Helico Aerospace Industries’ AirDog, above, is a small

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i kidd you not

I wrote here about rockstar book cover designer and editor Chip Kidd. (Above is the cover he designed for his book about Japanese Batman comics.) Chip addressed my cosplay drawing class at the historic east side headquarters of the Society of Illustrators

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new work!

cover for the new issue of WeightWatchers magazine! creative director: ed melnitsky consulting art director: tracy everding senior designer: elizabeth stem   editor in chief: theresa dimasi executive editor: melanie mannarino   photographer: iain bagwell food stylist: toni brogan prop

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Design giant Bradbury Thompson, 1911-1995, is remembered for his ability to construct modernist layouts from classic typefaces and historic illustrations.

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more typography you can dance to

C+C Music Factory (producer/songwriters David Cole and Robert Clivillés) included contemporary type and graphics (and dance, and fashion) in the video for their 1990 song “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” Were they too concerned about visuals? Controversy erupted

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The subscribers’ edition of Marie’s Claire magazine’s August issue will have a “denim” sleeve that “unzips” to reveal the cover beneath. The gimmick is sponsored by advertiser “Guess Jeans.”  

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it’s true

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guardian of the galaxy

Saw the new Marvel sci fi movie Guardians of the Galaxy and LOVED it! Btw, did you know The Nova Corps world Xandar is based on the designs of modern Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who designed the new Transportation Hub

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