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real world Bob Ross

real world Bob Ross

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my favorite painting

My favorite painting from my recent visit to the Whitney Museum was Edward Ruscha’s The Old Tool and Die Building (2004). I love it’s graphic composition, subtle color palette, & clever use of typography. Rusha commented on the decline of

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it sings to me

Finally made my way to the Whitney Museum of American Art. This lively cartoon-like painting, Blind Singer, 1942, by William Henry Johnson really caught my eye. Johnson (1901-1970) was an African-American painter born in Florence, South Carolina. He was influenced

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Grosz-ed me out

visited the Heckscher Museum in Huntington, NY. This charming beaux-arts musueum, founded in 1920, is located in scenic Heckscher Park. The centerpiece of the museum is George Grosz’ 1926 six-feet-tall painting, Eclipse of the Sun, depicting the corruption and war profiteering of Weimar German

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boning up

Dare2Draw, my cosplay (character costume) drawing class was treated to a painting lesson by Steve “the Dude” Rude, better known as the creator of the comic book Nexus. The class was hosted in the Art Student League building on West 57th Street. Founded

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the first art?

Lascaux, France, is the setting of a complex of caves famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings.  The cave contains nearly 2,000 paintings of animals, humans, and abstract signs. These paintings are estimated to be 17,300 years old. The caves were discovered by four teenagers

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nothing is real

Click on the quote below to read a brilliant editorial by artist Molly Crabapple about photoshop and female body image: “…F*ck Photoshop. Photos are already lies.” Personally, I’m grateful that I’ve been able to bring both my daughters to photo

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