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funny business

The crooked serifs on the sign for this upscale eatery give it a cartoony look (top). My kids said it looks like the Toontown City Hall in Disneyworld (bottom).

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ain’t lion

Finally saw The Lion King, now in its 17th year on Broadway. Of course, the star is Julie Taymor’s direction and costume designs. The performers are simultaneously performer, character and puppet. Taymor used the same approach in Spider-Man: Turn off

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“one word… plastics!”

Above is the “Plastics House of the Future“, built by the Monsanto Corporation for Disneyland, California in 1957. It received a major update in 1960, because, “many of the things deemed ‘futuristic’ as recently as 1957 are simply ‘contemporary’ today.”

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just a spoonful of sugar…

just watched the movie “Saving Mr. Banks” and loooved it’s candy-colored recreation of Los Angeles in 1961. Author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) reluctantly flies to Disney Studios to meet with Walt Disney (Tom Hanks), who seeks to adapt her Mary

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