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buddha by computer

Enjoyed another great presentation from Designers+Geeks at Spotify headquarters: “Technodelics: Mind Revealing Technologies”: Vincent Horn, founder of Buddhist Geeks, spoke about the application of new technology to meditation. Horn spoke about how things like augmented & virtual reality headsets, wearable computers

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it sings to me

Finally made my way to the Whitney Museum of American Art. This lively cartoon-like painting, Blind Singer, 1942, by William Henry Johnson really caught my eye. Johnson (1901-1970) was an African-American painter born in Florence, South Carolina. He was influenced

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wacky fun!

thoroughly enjoyed “WakuWaku+nyc” in Brooklyn, a celebration of Japanese pop culture best part: cream puffs from Beard Papa!

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think small

saw Ant-Man (of course) and loved it like all the other nerds, i loved: the change of pace after Avengers2; a smaller scope and scale than the other movies (a Marvel movie “sorbet”, if you will) that Michael Pena stole

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