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buddha by computer

Enjoyed another great presentation from Designers+Geeks at Spotify headquarters: “Technodelics: Mind Revealing Technologies”: Vincent Horn, founder of Buddhist Geeks, spoke about the application of new technology to meditation. Horn spoke about how things like augmented & virtual reality headsets, wearable computers

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money changing hands

  speaking of implants, Dutch Bitcoin entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer has had two wireless computer chips implanted in his hands to hold his digital currency. Wismeijer said that, in the future, bio-hacks like his subdural near-field communication chips, could be used not

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have you ordered your Apple Watch yet? Lev Grossman in Time magazine wrote: “The Apple Watch represents a redrawing of the map that locates technology in one place, and our bodies in another… Once you’re OK with wearing technology, the

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a night at the opera

On Site Opera is partnering with Figaro Systems, to give a special performance of Rameau’s one-act Pygmalion for Google Glass users. Audience members will be able to read an English translation of Ballot de Sovot’s libretto in their Google Glass,

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i’ll have what she’s having

More news on wearable technology: Apple is staffing up on experts in medical sensors. So, very soon, my iWatch will alert my doctor every time I eat a pastrami sandwich.

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the future’s so bright…

even while google glass stumbles, i still believe the future is (so) bright for wearable technology: • apple is patenting their VR goggles, above • facebook is investing in oculus, for gaming, and • amazon has opened a wearables store,

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