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(t)werk of art

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864 – 1901) was a French painter, printmaker, and illustrator. Influenced by Japanese prints, as well as Impressionist painting, he mastered the printing techniques of his day (stone lithography) to create graphic posters that captured the energy of

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more for magazines!

According to the Association of Magazine Media, consumers are increasingly engaged with magazine media content, with shifts among digital platforms (for example, increases on mobile web.)

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jungle love

attended New York Comic Con in October especially enjoyed the panels celebrating Marvel Comics’ 75th anniversary; plenty of reminiscences from comic artists and writers from the 70’s and 80’s Writer Doug Moench revealed that Ka-Zar, a Tarzan knockoff, was artist Sal Buscema’s favorite

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“stop or i’ll shoot”

While I’ve been talking about “ultimate selfie” technology here, the New York Police Department has announced a pilot program that will attach cameras onto the uniforms of 54 officers across six precincts. The program is part of the settlement in the

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new work!

new work!: cover and interior pages from the new All-American Comfort Cookbook Get healthy with comfort-food recipes inspired by America’s diners & luncheonettes Feel-good typography, design, and styling are all inspired by the signage and menus of America’s iconic diners

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money changing hands

  speaking of implants, Dutch Bitcoin entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer has had two wireless computer chips implanted in his hands to hold his digital currency. Wismeijer said that, in the future, bio-hacks like his subdural near-field communication chips, could be used not

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landscape portrait

photo of hand-stenciled lettering on landscaping van

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draw raw

December 1 1950 is the birthday of Gary Panter, “new-wave” cartoonist, illustrator, painter and designer. Gary Panter is well known for his comic Jimbo, his work in Raw magazine, and his set designs for the tv show Pee Wee’s Playhouse

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