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happy birthday, jackie!

August 1 is the birthday of Jackie Ormes, the first African-American woman syndicated cartoonist. She created the comic strip Torchy Brown and the panel comic Patty-Jo ‘n’ Ginger. In 1947, the Terri Lee doll company produced a doll based on

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how it art

Saw comic book artist & writer Howard Chaykin, speak at Special Edition, NYC. He said: comics tell time with space – larger panels are longer periods of time – smaller panels are short bursts of time and: horizontal panels are

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(strip) club owner

Speaking of JFK… In 1967, Esquire magazine commissioned Marvel comics artist Jack Kirby to write and draw “46 Hours and 36 Minutes in the Life of Jack Ruby,” a three-page comic strip beginning with Ruby’s learning of JFK’s assassination and

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april showers

it’s pouring in nyc. No one drew heavy, city, rain like cartoonist Will Eisner. Recognized as a genius in the 40’s, and again in the 80’s, he was one of my instructors at SVA. He inspired us to carry ourselves like professionals from

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when captain america throws his mighty shield!!!

Captain America! Bucky! Nick Fury! Feast your eyes on this Krazy Komposition from Jack “King” Kirby! Have you seen “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” yet? Did you love it?

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more Vip

the aforementioned bar guide by cartoonist Virgil Partch. and some context here.

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“which one of you is purring?”

mid-century mischief from cartoonist Virgil Partch, better known as Vip. Though not big drinkers, his illustrated bar guide lived in my parents’ liquor cabinet.

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