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type shadows

observed, nyc

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more from the exhibit “Silicon City: Computer History Made in New York” at the NY Historical Society: In 1961 IBM released the Selectric Typewriter. For the first time, typists were able to change their typeface, by switching out the little 2-inch typeball (or “golfball.”)

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office space, the next generation

Herman Miller, the inventor of the original office cubicle, has released it’s latest iteration: a “employee-hackable” system made from light weight foam

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Grosz-ed me out

visited the Heckscher Museum in Huntington, NY. This charming beaux-arts musueum, founded in 1920, is located in scenic Heckscher Park. The centerpiece of the museum is George Grosz’ 1926 six-feet-tall painting, Eclipse of the Sun, depicting the corruption and war profiteering of Weimar German

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oh, the places you’ll go

Thoroughly enjoyed visiting Tulum, Mexico, the pre-columbian walled city of the ancient Mayans. Meanwhile, travel agents are using Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets to let guests sample virtual vacations. The travel industry hopes that people who sample virtual snippets of alluring

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son of a beach

The greatest place on earth is Jones Beach, Long Island. A massive effort of terra-forming and construction, this public park was the 1920’s brainchild of Robert Moses, the controversial “master builder”, who for four decades, was the most powerful non-elected public official in

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office space

I am celebrating the 50th anniversary of the cubicle, that fixture of workspace design we love to hate, by reading ‘Cubed, A Secret History of the Workplace’.   Apparently, the first seeds of the cubicle, unveiled in 1964, were well

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