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kiss and make up

Ah, Halloween in New York ¬†ūüôā

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special ed

October 27, 1927 is the birthday of typographer Ed Benguiat. Benguiat has crafted over 600 typefaces including Tiffany, Bookman, Panache, Edwardian Script, and the self-titled Benguiat, and Benguiat Gothic. He designed the logotypes for Playboy, the original Planet of the Apes film, and Super Fly. (How

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new work!

new magazine cover! These delicious no-bakes bites have a healthy secret; There is a covert healthy ingredient, in place of some of the usual fat and sugar, that adds color, texture and flavor. Can you guess what it is? Creative

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by hand

Time to prototype your new idea? Before you turn on your laptop, pick up a pencil. According to Laura Busche at Smashing magazine, sketching by hand: extends your memory, aids concentration, and allows for flexibility.

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office space

I am celebrating the 50th anniversary of the cubicle, that fixture of workspace design we love to hate, by reading ‘Cubed, A Secret History of the Workplace’. ¬† Apparently, the first seeds of the cubicle, unveiled in 1964, were well

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the first art?

Lascaux, France, is the setting of a complex of caves famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings.  The cave contains nearly 2,000 paintings of animals, humans, and abstract signs. These paintings are estimated to be 17,300 years old. The caves were discovered by four teenagers

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“one word‚Ķ plastics!”

Above is the “Plastics House of the Future“, built by the Monsanto Corporation for Disneyland, California in 1957. It received a major update in 1960, because, “many of the things deemed ‚Äėfuturistic‚Äô as recently as 1957 are simply ‚Äėcontemporary‚Äô today.‚ÄĚ

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just in time for “avengers2: the age of ultron”

RoboEarth is a three-year old cloud network that lets robots learn from the actions of other robots. It has now inspired a supporting project called RoboHow, that translates info on the web into info robots can understand. No one sees

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wishing you a swingin’ yom kippur

enjoyed We’ll Be Here For the Rest of Our Lives, A Swingin’ Showbiz Saga,¬†band leader Paul Shaffer’s memoir, told with plenty of show biz “shtick” (yiddish humor) for example (paraphrased): Paul gets into a serious car accident while on vacation

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