wild card

studious steve a

Ain’t life crazy?

My wife was looking for a missing tv remote, waaaaay down between the cushions of the mid-century couch we inherited from her parents’ house, and she found this card from a vintage kid’s game.

I believe it had been there since 1965.

Still no sign of Bashful Barbie or Tiny Timothy, though.

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new work!

18hunt 1 jf wwmag vert a

new magazine: “SET YOURSELF FREE!

check out more work (and full credits) here

check out more about me here

check out my (somewhat silly and somewhat artistic) Tumblr here

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people who live in glass houses…

graffiti hez

love the color and form of this graffiti on glass: sixth ave near 23rd st, nyc

“hez”? “kez”?

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rainbow batman

rainbow batman

Of my many NY Comic-Con finds, nothing stands out like Rainbow Batman…


and it turns out he’s in canon, too!

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bee side

blondie a

concert stage for Blondie tour 2017.

The bee-themed video backdrop is adapted from their Pollinator album art by World-renowned street artist and graphic designer Shepard Fairey. Fairey created the iconic “HOPE” portrait for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Debbie Harry, a fledgling beekeeper herself, appeared onstage in a honey bee headband and a full-length cape which said “STOP FUCKING THE PLANET”. The costume was designed as a statement about protecting the dwindling bee population and the environment.

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love is…

love is love

check out this beautiful spray can typography, 23rd st, nyc.

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no stone unturned

shepard cemetary a

stumbled upon this tiny family cemetery in the center of Bowman Orchids in apple country, upstate New York.

This is the Shepherd family cemetery located in the center of the Bowman Orchids, Wexford, NY. Bowman Orchards was originally owned by Elizabeth Shepherd and her family back in the 1800’s. Elizabeth Shepherd was the sister of John Macintosh, the man whom the Macintosh apple is named after.

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