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tile mosaic, nyc subway

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brooklyn botanic garden sculptures

so glad i persevered this rainy weekend, to see these large outdoor sculptures by Shayne Dark, at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

According to the BBG website, the work was inspired by Dark’s childhood growing up along the Ottawa River, in Ontario.

“In the spring, logs coming down the river would get tangled up in the bend, and the men would come running out to break up these log jams. As a child, I was fascinated by this.”

The sculptures are constructed of cedar poles normally used as fence posts.

Tanglewood (top) is painted a vivid blue.

“For me, color is one of the easiest things to respond to and enjoy.” Dark used a matte theater paint that he discovered years ago while working with his brother on set designs in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

“It’s also the same color used to create a blue screen effect. When you use it, there’s an optical illusion, a blurring effect, which is kind of surreal.”

Pickup Red (bottom) reminded me of a giant game of pick-up sticks.

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captain of industry


Stan Weston, the licensing entrepreneur who created G.I. Joe and Captain Action back in the 60’s, has died at 84.

more info here, here, and here.

Photo is Stan at his Manhattan office, surrounded by his many projects and toys, in 1990: C.J. Zumwalt for New York Daily News, used without permission.

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happy mother’s day!

mantis poster

…to the Celestial Madonna (Mantis) and all the other Guardians of the Galaxy.

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truth in advertising

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all work and no play…


attended another great designers + geeks event at Spotify headquarters. Daniel Soltis, a user experience director at Moving Brands, spoke about the importance of scheduling time and resources for designers and developers at the agency to work on fun, off-the-wall, side projects.

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coincidence… or conspiracy? you decide!!!

oberto-banquet copy

I just saw tv commercials for both of these products, one right after the other: Oberto Beef Jerky and Coors Banquet Beer.


I have to ask: was it a typographic coincidence… or something SINISTER???

(umm, just kidding, actually)

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