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new work!

new magazine issue! “Summer Starts Here!: Juicy Grillers, Creamy Chillers, and More!” creative direction: Ed Melnitsky. food photography: Kate Sears. check out more work here!

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more typography you can dance to

C+C Music Factory (producer/songwriters David Cole and Robert Clivillés) included contemporary type and graphics (and dance, and fashion) in the video for their 1990 song “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” Were they too concerned about visuals? Controversy erupted

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“holy logos, batman!”

Did you observe “National Batman Day” this week? Enjoy these Batman logos, and their subtle evolution through the years.

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how it art

Saw comic book artist & writer Howard Chaykin, speak at Special Edition, NYC. He said: comics tell time with space – larger panels are longer periods of time – smaller panels are short bursts of time and: horizontal panels are

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next stop, greatness

Graphic design master Massimo Vignelli died this month. I remember I wrangled an interview with him shortly after my graduation from sva. He was extremely gracious, and he seemed to like my student portfolio. I wonder, did I use his

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happy birthday, milton!

June 26 1929 is the birthday of American graphic designer Milton Glaser, best known for his 1975 Bob Dylan poster, and the 1977 IloveNY icon. He also founded New York Magazine with Clay Felker in 1968.

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congratulations, graduates

Did you have a speaker at your graduation? When I graduated SVA I was fortunate to hear Paul Rand, art director and graphic designer. While his early work in page design was the initial source of his reputation, Rand was

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buy three!

Rockstar book cover designer (& batman fan) Chip Kidd wrote this primer on graphic design for kids. All graphic designers should buy one for a kid*, one for themselves, and one for their boss. (Just kidding, but them this instead!)

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