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easier than pie!

yeah, new work! cover for the july/aug issue of Weight Watchers magazine, on sale early june creative director: ed melnitsky senior designer: elizabeth stem photo director: deborah hardt photographer: david malosh food stylist: adrienne anderson prop stylist: paige hicks for

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the feminine mystique

I saw the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, and loved it. Jennifer Lawrence as mutant renegade Mystique, stole the show (at gunpoint, above). There was a complicated plot involving time travel, as summarized in the colorful info graphic below:

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so, feed the trolls?

not exactly, but… Last week, I attended this lively presentation, “How HuffPost Creates Value With Communities”, by Tim McDonald, Director of Community at The Huffington Post. Tim said that most brands use social media inefficiently, squandering their limited resources by

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in memorium II

Bert Cooper is not dead! He’s just released his inner Pierpont Finch.

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in memorium

Al Feldstein, editor of Mad magazine from 1956 to 1985, died last month. He was 88. When I was about 7, I grabbed some blank paper and a handful of crayons. “What are you doing?” my brother asked. “I’m going

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the “y”s the limit!

the anatomy of an illuminated letter. “y” not?

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