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wild card

Ain’t life crazy? My wife was looking for a missing tv remote, waaaaay down between the cushions of the mid-century couch we inherited from her parents’ house, and she found this card from a vintage kid’s game. I believe it had

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rainbow batman

Of my many NY Comic-Con finds, nothing stands out like Rainbow Batman… and it turns out he’s in canon, too!

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captain of industry

Stan Weston, the licensing entrepreneur who created G.I. Joe and Captain Action back in the 60’s, has died at 84. more info here, here, and here. Photo is Stan at his Manhattan office, surrounded by his many projects and toys, in

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hometown shout-out

enjoyed seeing Steely Dan at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, a beautiful venue built at the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival. There is a great museum there commemorating Woodstock and the Sixties Era. During his spoken intro to “Hey

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more from the exhibit “Silicon City: Computer History Made in New York” at the NY Historical Society: In 1961 IBM released the Selectric Typewriter. For the first time, typists were able to change their typeface, by switching out the little 2-inch typeball (or “golfball.”)

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holy history, batman!

thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit Superheroes in Gotham at the New York Historical Society. ^ Check out this sweet George Barris 1966 Batmobile in the lobby!

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creativity is weird

I think part of “creativity” is making connections between things that aren’t really connected. When my son put this banana in the holder “funny,” it reminded me of Theodore Roszak’s Forms in Transit, a 43-ft. long aluminum and steel sculpture that remains

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