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August 30, 1943 is the birthday of Robert Crumb, premiere cartoonist of the “Underground” movement of the sixties. His characters include Fritz the Cat, Mr Natural, and “Keep on Trucking’” While Crumb’s drawing style was cute and “retro”, his stories often devolved into

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the King’s subjects

Aug 28 1917 was the birthday to comic book artist Jack “King” Kirby. Without Jack Kirby there would be no Ant Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, or Thor, etc, etc, etc. The “King”, with his writing partners including Stan

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happy birthday to me!

hand-painted sign, nyc

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good as gold

my daughter, the fledgling journalist, found this ad in a 1993 issue of the Rockville Center Herald. A bloody mary with horseradish? Sounds like something Rachel Menken might drink. “I’ll have a Bloody Murray, extra Gold’s” she said, as she fit

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bodé’s well

Whoa, this graffiti took me back! Apparently, graffiti artists have been keeping the Disney-meets-Tolkien-meets-Robert Crumb characters of 70’s underground cartoonist Vaughn Bodé alive and well. I remember Bodé’s character Cheech Wizard (center) in National Lampoon magazine from ‘71 to ‘75. I saw Bodé’s first “Cartoon Concert” at the

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Grosz-ed me out

visited the Heckscher Museum in Huntington, NY. This charming beaux-arts musueum, founded in 1920, is located in scenic Heckscher Park. The centerpiece of the museum is George Grosz’ 1926 six-feet-tall painting, Eclipse of the Sun, depicting the corruption and war profiteering of Weimar German

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