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playing around

enjoyed Martin Short, Matthew Broderick, Katie Finneran, Stockard Channing, Maulik Pancholy, F. Murray Abraham, and Micah Stock, in “It’s Only a Play” at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre. Described as “a broadway comedy about the comedy of broadway”, the show is filled with

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new 52!

thoroughly enjoyed the B-52s at the Space at Westbury Not only did they sound incredible, their between-songs patter was as non-sensical as ever: Fred changed into a skeleton-design t-shirt for Party Out of Bounds, but tried to make it work

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new work!

New cookbook!: “One-Pot Meals” 160 fuss-less recipes: Make it saucy. Make it hearty. Make it healthy. creative director: Ed Melnitsky. art director: Daniela A. Hritcu. photographer: Antonis Achilleos. food stylist: Adrienne Anderson. prop stylist: Alistair Tumbull. For more work, check

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command performance

The Mrs and I thoroughly enjoyed “Shatner’s World” at the Tilles Center. In this one-man show, the former “Commander James T. Kirk” recounts his life and career, finishing with a performance of a “word-song” from his new album. His “singing” reminded me of his

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some kind of wonderful

enjoyed the book Wonderful Tonight, the autobiography of 60’s model and muse Patty Boyd. Boyd was the wife of George Harrison and then Eric Clapton. She inspired Harrison to write Something, and then Clapton to write Layla, Bell-Bottom Blues, and Wonderful Tonight.

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“holy 1%!”

been really enjoying listening to the witty banter of the “Nerdist” Podcasts, on itunes. During a recent interview with comics writer Brian Michael Bendis, comics artist David Mack joked, “Batman? Isn’t that the one about the millionaire that beats up poor

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