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milton glaser is dead at 91

American graphic designer Milton Glaser, was best known for his 1975 Bob Dylan poster, and the 1977 IloveNY icon. He also founded New York Magazine with Clay Felker in 1968. Glazer created the most-loved of all of DC Comics myriad logos,

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rainbow batman

Of my many NY Comic-Con finds, nothing stands out like Rainbow Batman… and it turns out he’s in canon, too!

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found & lost

finally found a minute to run uptown to see Will Eisner: The Centennial Celebration 1917-2017, an exhibit at the charming upper eastside headquarters of the Society of Illustrators. Will Eisner (1917–2005) was a major innovator and influencer in American comic

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captain of industry

Stan Weston, the licensing entrepreneur who created G.I. Joe and Captain Action back in the 60’s, has died at 84. more info here, here, and here. Photo is Stan at his Manhattan office, surrounded by his many projects and toys, in

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happy mother’s day!

…to the Celestial Madonna (Mantis) and all the other Guardians of the Galaxy.

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comic book club

Enjoyed a fun, thoroughly geek-y, evening at the Comic Book Club, the weekly live talk show about comics books at the Pit Loft, nyc. The “club” interviewed Charles Soule, prolific writer of comics like: Level 44, the new Daredevil, and Obi-Wan and Anakin, an all-new comic set between

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holy history, batman!

thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit Superheroes in Gotham at the New York Historical Society. ^ Check out this sweet George Barris 1966 Batmobile in the lobby!

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a spirited evening

attended Will Eisner’s The Spirit 75th Anniversary Celebration at the SVA theatre Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and author Jules Feiffer, and former publisher and president of DC Comics, Paul Levitz, discussed the legacy of comic artist and longtime SVA faculty member, Will

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pros and con

really enjoyed the New York Comic-Con this year (despite the lines and crowds!) my favorite con experiences: • a panel where cosplayers gave the secrets of how they make real-looking, but light-weight, armor and weapons from foam rubber and plastic ^ a

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wacky fun!

thoroughly enjoyed “WakuWaku+nyc” in Brooklyn, a celebration of Japanese pop culture best part: cream puffs from Beard Papa!

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