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press play(house)

“Pee-wee’s Playhouse”, the 80’s saturday morning kids’ tv show that was not for kids, has been released on Blu-ray. Creator Pal Reubans says the series has never been seen at this quality before. It was originally shot on 35 mm film

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son of a beach

The greatest place on earth is Jones Beach, Long Island. A massive effort of terra-forming and construction, this public park was the 1920’s brainchild of Robert Moses, the controversial “master builder”, who for four decades, was the most powerful non-elected public official in

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for your ears only

Normal uses 3D printing to make custom earphones that fit your individual ear shape.

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victory for the king!

  So wonderful to see the new credit “Based on characters created by Stan Lee AND JACK KIRBY” in this week’s Marvel comics and on the new Marvel Agent Carter tv show. I’m so glad that Marvel comics has reached

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