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  attended User Experience Design Bootcamp (like for designing apps and websites) at General Assembly One nugget: Innovation starts with Exploration:  talk to people: build rapport ask open-ended questions repeat info (listen actively: “it sounds like you are saying… is that

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going Post-al

Kudos! Crazy good praise for Weight Watchers Magazine in the New York Post here

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graffiti, new york city. For more photos like this, check out my (often silly) Tumblr here

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new work!

new magazine: “How to Cook Everything!” special COOKING SCHOOL issue! check out more work (and full credits) here check out more about me here check out my (silly) Tumblr here

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rat faced

i like the evocative typography of this graffiti. (Ironically, we sometimes call those little marks, like those radiating from the G, “whiskers”) ps: Do NOT google “rat king”  😮

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