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love is…

check out this beautiful spray can typography, 23rd st, nyc.

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no stone unturned

stumbled upon this tiny family cemetery in the center of Bowman Orchids in apple country, upstate New York. This is the Shepherd family cemetery located in the center of the Bowman Orchids, Wexford, NY. Bowman Orchards was originally owned by Elizabeth

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a walk in the park

i discovered this striking typography on an early morning walk through an industrial park by the Boston waterfront: beautiful 10-foot high letters precision cut out of chain-link fence, wired to a chain link fence.

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the matrix reloaded

my commuter train platform has finally reopened after renovations, but now the dot matrix typography on the information displays has weird, nonsensical, thick and thin strokes. huh. more dot matrix typography here  

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thrown under the bus

i was thrown for a loop by this huge lettering on the street in nyc. it looks like it was executed with single foot-and-a-half-wide paint roller.

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à la mode

love the style of this hand-painted sign that hangs in the Tenement Museum, NYC. (I’m guessing that it originally hung across the street, at 96 Orchard.) It commemorates the history of the garment industry in New York’s Lower East Side.

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road show

layered and weathered decals on the outside of this long island rail road train appear as an interesting distressed type effect

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