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raise the roof

Pizza Hut has unveiled a new logo, from ad agency Deutsch LA. The logo was updated to reflect an “elevated” brand strategy that includes new custom pizza flavors such as sliced banana peppers, siracha, and curry. The new logo has been described alternately

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these typefaces kept me in stitches

I spotted these machine-embroidered typography samples in a shop window in new york’s garment district

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fresh new work!

new issue! “Fresh Spring Recipes”   You want fries with that? You sure do, when these healthy favorites combine a variety of veggies with a hot oven.   Creative Director: Ed Melnitsky   Editor-in-Chief: Theresa DiMasi. Food Editors: Lisa Chernick,

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random graffiti

I don’t know what “COD RFC” means on the back of this truck, do you? Google Search netted: “City of Derry Rugby Football Club (Northern Ireland)” Mistyping (“COD RFG”) into turned up this: “RFG stands for Random F*cking Grenade. Like

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delicious new work!

The redesign of Weight Watchers Magazine: Starting with the January/February issue, Weight Watchers is more inviting, modern and relevant. “Our mission is to help people change their relationship with food for good… That means restoring food to its natural place for what

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born free

Does your city have a free morning newspaper? NY has two: amNewYork published by Cablevision, and Metro New York published by Metro International. They are distributed mostly by brightly colored plastic “honor boxes” (which apparently herd together on west 23rd street in the afternoons).

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