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real world Bob Ross

real world Bob Ross

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so this happened…

i was walking by the 29th street headquarters of the Art Directors Club and i noticed it was filled with with teenaged girls instead of middle-aged men. Turns out it was hosting an exhibit of Teen Wolf fan art.

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final(e) toast

Well, it’s finally over. Like Lucky Strikes and Bobby’s dinner, it’s toast(ed)! Did the Mad Man finale satisfy your expectations? Myself, all i wanted was an ending that wrapped things up, and was not open-ended like the Sopranos finale. And

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press play(house)

“Pee-wee’s Playhouse”, the 80’s saturday morning kids’ tv show that was not for kids, has been released on Blu-ray. Creator Pal Reubans says the series has never been seen at this quality before. It was originally shot on 35 mm film

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wishing you a swingin’ yom kippur

enjoyed We’ll Be Here For the Rest of Our Lives, A Swingin’ Showbiz Saga, band leader Paul Shaffer’s memoir, told with plenty of show biz “shtick” (yiddish humor) for example (paraphrased): Paul gets into a serious car accident while on vacation

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tv from your game console

Powers, the new tv show based on Brian Michael Bendis’ comic book series, will debut in December on the PlayStation Network. You can watch the first episode for free on your PlayStation device. PS Plus subscribers can watch the entire

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