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so this happened…

i was walking by the 29th street headquarters of the Art Directors Club and i noticed it was filled with with teenaged girls instead of middle-aged men. Turns out it was hosting an exhibit of Teen Wolf fan art.

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home run

thoroughly enjoyed Fun Home, the musical adaptation of the autobiographical graphic novel (comic book) by Alison Bechdel. best thing: Alison is portrayed at three different ages, by three different actresses: Beth Malone as Current Alison, Sydney Lucas as Young Alison, and Emily Skews as College-Aged Alison.

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“well, isn’t that special?”

really enjoyed Special Edition NYC, the smaller, gentler version of NY Comic-Con some highlights: • cosplay in the park • panels about diversity in comics • the comic book club panel yelling, “what’s up with the twix ads?” at the DC panel

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happy father’s day!

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happy first day of summer!

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you and i

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speaking of Tulum: the ancient Mayans decorated their temples with this statue: the Diving God, to represent the point at which the divine can descend to our world. it reminded me of this tarot card, the Hanging Man, which represents the ability to traverse the

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