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coincidence… or conspiracy? you decide!!!

I just saw tv commercials for both of these products, one right after the other: Oberto Beef Jerky and Coors Banquet Beer. BOTH PRODUCTS FEATURE GOTHIC LETTERING SET ON AN ANGLE!!! I have to ask: was it a typographic coincidence… or something SINISTER???

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reduce, reuse, recycle

To encourage the reuse of empty plastic bottles, Coca-Cola is giving away kits (called “2ndLives”) of 16 special caps which can be screwed onto empty coke bottles, to transform them into paintbrushes, water squirters, hand weights, etc. The kit is

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it’s not easy being…

color palette

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mint in box

Donald Levine, the Hasbro executive who launched the G.I. Joe “action figure” in 1964, died this month. I was a Captain Action kid, myself. G.I. Joe was a soldier, but Captain Action was a superhero. And you could dress him

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the other 60’s

remember “bugles”? smart, stylish typography on this snack box from 1966. not for hippies.

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