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guardian of the galaxy

Saw the new Marvel sci fi movie Guardians of the Galaxy and LOVED it! Btw, did you know The Nova Corps world Xandar is based on the designs of modern Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who designed the new Transportation Hub

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“holy logos, batman!”

Did you observe “National Batman Day” this week? Enjoy these Batman logos, and their subtle evolution through the years.

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spoiler alert?

Picked up Entertainment Weekly magazine’s exclusive first look at the movie Avengers Age of Ultron. It was great, but I think they gave so much away!

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how it art

Saw comic book artist & writer Howard Chaykin, speak at Special Edition, NYC. He said: comics tell time with space – larger panels are longer periods of time – smaller panels are short bursts of time and: horizontal panels are

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(strip) club owner

Speaking of JFK… In 1967, Esquire magazine commissioned Marvel comics artist Jack Kirby to write and draw “46 Hours and 36 Minutes in the Life of Jack Ruby,” a three-page comic strip beginning with Ruby’s learning of JFK’s assassination and

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the feminine mystique

I saw the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, and loved it. Jennifer Lawrence as mutant renegade Mystique, stole the show (at gunpoint, above). There was a complicated plot involving time travel, as summarized in the colorful info graphic below:

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how superheroes work

heroes are primary colors. bad guys are secondary colors. that’s how superheroes work. (from FF#12, art by Mike Allred, words by Lee Allred)

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