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guardian of the galaxy

Saw the new Marvel sci fi movie Guardians of the Galaxy and LOVED it! Btw, did you know The Nova Corps world Xandar is based on the designs of modern Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who designed the new Transportation Hub

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more puppets

sorry, more puppets, and blurry no less from this guy, this time. (What is it about red vertical stripes that says “puppets”?)

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puppet theatre!

cheap real estate –> interesting structure Does your town have a puppet theatre?

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we’ll be back!

Like many graphic designers, I am unreasonably nostalgic for the 1964 World’s Fair. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the 50th Anniversary celebration this weekend. “This has been the best day of my life,” Peter said. “Mine, too,” Wendy agreed,

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hotel, motel

I stayed at an old 60’s era Howard Johnson this weekend. In “The Right Stuff” (1979), Tom Wolfe wrote, “motels (where) you drive up to your own door…did more than the pill to encourage what would later be rather primly

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