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people who live in glass houses…

love the color and form of this graffiti on glass: sixth ave near 23rd st, nyc “hez”? “kez”? Advertisements

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type a loft

hand-lettered panel truck, nyc

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signage, nyc

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type shadows

observed, nyc

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as above, so below

thoroughly enjoyed my recent trip to Mexico. The “Mayan dance” show at the hotel reminded me of this “Aztec Princess” I had seen painted on a truck back in ny.

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so this happened…

i was walking by the 29th street headquarters of the Art Directors Club and i noticed it was filled with with teenaged girls instead of middle-aged men. Turns out it was hosting an exhibit of Teen Wolf fan art.

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born free

Does your city have a free morning newspaper? NY has two: amNewYork published by Cablevision, and Metro New York published by Metro International. They are distributed mostly by brightly colored plastic “honor boxes” (which apparently herd together on west 23rd street in the afternoons).

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