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guardian of the galaxy

Saw the new Marvel sci fi movie Guardians of the Galaxy and LOVED it! Btw, did you know The Nova Corps world Xandar is based on the designs of modern Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who designed the new Transportation Hub

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spoiler alert?

Picked up Entertainment Weekly magazine’s exclusive first look at the movie Avengers Age of Ultron. It was great, but I think they gave so much away!

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“luke, I am your…”

Happy Father’s Day! wrong movie, and misquoted, but… dig that iconic 70’s typography!

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“we blew it”

Yesterday was Flag Day. Above, poster from the 1969 movie Easy Rider, when wearing the flag was a sign of rebellion. Nice 60’s typography, though.

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the man who seduced hollywood

Finished the book, “The Man Who Seduced Hollywood” by B. James Gladstone, and really enjoyed it. It’s a biography of Greg Bautzner, a high-powered show-biz attorney during Hollywood’s glamorous era. In 1936, just a year out of USC law school,

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the feminine mystique

I saw the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, and loved it. Jennifer Lawrence as mutant renegade Mystique, stole the show (at gunpoint, above). There was a complicated plot involving time travel, as summarized in the colorful info graphic below:

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in memorium II

Bert Cooper is not dead! He’s just released his inner Pierpont Finch.

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does whatever

A few years ago, I was walking out of Smashbox studios in LA and saw Tobey McGuire getting into his car. I smiled and waved wildly, like I was his long-lost best friend. Catching my enthusiasm, Tobey smiled and waved

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a spider can

One day last summer, I absent-mindedly walked through several barricades on 7th Ave and found myself standing thisclose to Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. We stood like that for 15 minutes, while I waited for security to materialize and tackle

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everything you need to know

(Aaand back to “Funny Face”.) The spread above, from Harper’s Bazaar, was photographed by Richard Avedon, and designed by Alexey Brodovitch. Together, they defined the look of the fashion magazine from 1938 to 1958. (Avedon consulted on “Funny Face”, and

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