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words to live by

this hand-carved gourd, or calabash, is a souvenir of one of the Jamaica trips. It says. “Be at oneness with yourself, think of each day as a new day, and make every man a brother.” kinda says it all, right?

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buddha by computer

Enjoyed another great presentation from Designers+Geeks at Spotify headquarters: “Technodelics: Mind Revealing Technologies”: Vincent Horn, founder of Buddhist Geeks, spoke about the application of new technology to meditation. Horn spoke about how things like augmented & virtual reality headsets, wearable computers

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speaking of Tulum: the ancient Mayans decorated their temples with this statue: the Diving God, to represent the point at which the divine can descend to our world. it reminded me of this tarot card, the Hanging Man, which represents the ability to traverse the

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the first art?

Lascaux, France, is the setting of a complex of caves famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings.  The cave contains nearly 2,000 paintings of animals, humans, and abstract signs. These paintings are estimated to be 17,300 years old. The caves were discovered by four teenagers

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