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a really big shew

I’ve been reading “Always on Sunday” by Michael Harris, about tv host Ed Sullivan. Sullivan broadcast from 1948 to 1971, making his “shew” the longest-running variety show in US broadcast history. Unlike the smooth television personalities of today, part of

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all’s fair

Enjoyed the book, Tomorrow-Land: The 1964-65 World’s Fair and the Transformation of America by Joseph Tirella. It examines the ’64 World’s Fair as a part of, rather than apart from, the larger historical context of the 60’s: politics, pop art,

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jfk and the trolls

I just finished the book “A Cruel and Shocking Act” by Philip Shenon, about the assassination of John F. Kennedy The bookstores and internet are filled with conspiracy theories about the assassination of JFK. This book makes a reasonable case

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the man who seduced hollywood

Finished the book, “The Man Who Seduced Hollywood” by B. James Gladstone, and really enjoyed it. It’s a biography of Greg Bautzner, a high-powered show-biz attorney during Hollywood’s glamorous era. In 1936, just a year out of USC law school,

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we’ll be back!

Like many graphic designers, I am unreasonably nostalgic for the 1964 World’s Fair. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the 50th Anniversary celebration this weekend. “This has been the best day of my life,” Peter said. “Mine, too,” Wendy agreed,

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buy three!

Rockstar book cover designer (& batman fan) Chip Kidd wrote this primer on graphic design for kids. All graphic designers should buy one for a kid*, one for themselves, and one for their boss. (Just kidding, but them this instead!)

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