UI/UX fore!


even more from General Assembly’s User Experience Design Bootcamp (for designing apps and websites)

Here is a good technique for mapping out your app, called “crazy eights”

fold a letter-sized piece of paper in eighths, and use it to sketch out the user’s experience like a comic strip

teams can do this:

  1. first: each team member does a solo-sketch
  2. then: each member tears their page into eighths,
  3. then, “pair & share”: combine your pieces with a partner’s: identifying assumptions made. Check or clarify them; swapping pieces & adding new ones where needed (Above is my pair’s sketch for a taco delivery app 🙂
  4. and then, pairs keep sharing with larger and larger groups

When you are ready to present your app in a nice clean way, the instructor suggested using whatever the format your client uses. But really, any of the following, is OK. That is, use whichever you are comfortable with: Omnigraffle, Balsamiq, InVision, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Keynote, POP prototyping on paper, or even Word

And some other resources to check out: Hackshare, Prettypink

Now, have fun!

I design books, magazines, and other communications, that POP! I blog about stuff that catches my eye.

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