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sweet dreams

found the side-panel from my old wooden crib. i actually remember these charming old illustrations.

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happy holidays, all!

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new work!

new magazine: “Holidays Made Happier!” special CELEBRATION issue! check out more work (and full credits) here check out more about me here check out my (silly) Tumblr here

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we won!

We won another award! We won a MIN Editorial and Design Award for the Feature “I Am Beautiful” (May/June 2016). Yay, team! Full credits (& more work) here To read more about “I am Beautful” click here  

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love the kid on this package of miso paste

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UI/UX fore!

even more from General Assembly’s User Experience Design Bootcamp (for designing apps and websites) Here is a good technique for mapping out your app, called “crazy eights” fold a letter-sized piece of paper in eighths, and use it to sketch out the user’s experience like a comic

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