think small


saw Ant-Man (of course) and loved it

like all the other nerds, i loved:

  • the change of pace after Avengers2; a smaller scope and scale than the other movies (a Marvel movie “sorbet”, if you will)
  • that Michael Pena stole the movie (get it?)
  • easter eggs to other marvel characters: *spoilers ahead* the fight with the Falcon, “a guy who swings”

(speaking of which, I’ve still got to post my idea for the post credits sequence that avengers2 shoulda had…)

ant-man villian

Some thought the villain was weak, but i thought that Corey Stroll’s portrayal of Darren Cross, technocrat-with-Daddy-and-spiritual-issues, reminded me of the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Very clever!

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