the King’s subjects


Aug 28 1917 was the birthday to comic book artist Jack “King” Kirby.

Without Jack Kirby there would be no Ant Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, or Thor, etc, etc, etc.

The “King”, with his writing partners including Stan Lee, created the characters and concepts that are the foundation of comic books today, and the movies inspired by them.

Kirby’s work is remembered for it’s imagination, it’s dynamism, and the clarity of it’s storytelling.

fantastic four.a

This poster by Kirby hung over my bed for my entire childhood.

Kirby’s tended to draw his heroes with thick legs, and squared-off fingers and feet.

In other words, my people!

I design books, magazines, and other communications, that POP! I blog about stuff that catches my eye.

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