some kind of wonderful


enjoyed the book Wonderful Tonight, the autobiography of 60’s model and muse Patty Boyd. Boyd was the wife of George Harrison and then Eric Clapton. She inspired Harrison to write Something, and then Clapton to write Layla, Bell-Bottom Blues, and Wonderful Tonight.


The intimate snaps she took of these 60s rock icons inspired her later photography career, after her difficult marriages to both men were over.

Boyd writes “Being the muse of two such extraordinarily creative musicians and having beautiful powerful love songs written about me was enormously flattering, but it put the most tremendous pressure on me to be the amazing person they must have thought I was–and secretly I knew I wasn’t. I felt I had to be flawless, serene, someone who understood every situation, who made no demands, but was there to fulfill every fantasy; and that’s someone with not much of a voice. It’s not realistic: no one can live up to that kind of perfection.”


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One comment on “some kind of wonderful
  1. bwcarey says:

    sounds like a great story, love the honesty, thanks

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