delicious new work!

15.hunt-j-f15 ww mag vert cropped

The redesign of Weight Watchers Magazine:

Starting with the January/February issue, Weight Watchers is more inviting, modern and relevant.

“Our mission is to help people change their relationship with food for good… That means restoring food to its natural place for what it really provides – energy, pleasure and a way to bring people together,” says Theresa DiMasi, Editor-in-Chief.

The new look features:

  • dynamic close-ups of beautifully prepared, but not-so-perfect, food,
  • a range of typography from informational & functional to funky & hand-drawn,
  • an unexpected, “hand-made hipster” color palette, and
  • densely layered, but easy-to-read, page layouts

So, Welcome to Delicious!


Creative Director: Ed Melnitsky.


Senior Designer: Elizabeth Stem.

Consulting Photo Director: Marybeth Dulany.

Consulting Designers: Tracy Everding, Sheri Geller, John Lanuza, Robert O’Connell.

Photographers (shown): Con Poulos (food), Shannon Greer (lifestyle).


for more work, check out my portfolio here





I design books, magazines, and other communications, that POP! I blog about stuff that catches my eye.

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