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that’s me, again

my daughter drew this sketch of me from a photo more versions of me here, here, and here  

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creativity is weird

I think part of “creativity” is making connections between things that aren’t really connected. When my son put this banana in the holder “funny,” it reminded me of Theodore Roszak’s Forms in Transit, a 43-ft. long aluminum and steel sculpture that remains

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more ethan!

more street art by 6 year old street artist, Ethan Armin

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my walk to work is blessed

    For the third consecutive year, FIT’s illustration students are decorating the outside of Pomerantz Center with their colorful chalk artwork (Seventh Avenue between 27 and 28 Streets)

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“fearful symmetry”

What immortal hand or eye/ Could frame thy fearful symmetry? –William Blake, 1794 i’m afraid i love the symmetry of this beautiful “Sozer” tag

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new work!

more work here my resume here my silly Tumblr here

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here kitty

i like this sticker i spotted on the air pump at a gas station.

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pros and con

really enjoyed the New York Comic-Con this year (despite the lines and crowds!) my favorite con experiences: • a panel where cosplayers gave the secrets of how they make real-looking, but light-weight, armor and weapons from foam rubber and plastic ^ a

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art services

graffiti-ed truck, nyc more about fred torres here

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my favorite painting

My favorite painting from my recent visit to the Whitney Museum was Edward Ruscha’s The Old Tool and Die Building (2004). I love it’s graphic composition, subtle color palette, & clever use of typography. Rusha commented on the decline of

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